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Find out your ideal city destination based on climate preferences

Posted by Sami Tikka on January 19, 2016

There’s a new service at I built it to answer a simple question: What destination(s) in the world have the kind of climate I’m most comfortable with? The service can be used to search for potential holiday destinations, or for potential places to live.

Currently the service has a few major city destinations around the world. I’m planning on adding more traditional holiday destinations as well.

The reason why I decided to build this was my need to find out places, that have relatively much sunshine during winter time, in contrast to what we have here in Finland. I discovered Wikipedia lists sunshine data for many places with other climate information. From then on it was an exercise with building data scraping tools with Python, and trying out some new front-end architecture in the process (more about that later).

One of the very first sites I built many years ago was a travel website, too, called Virtualtraveller. The idea was to show a map, photos and videos from anyplace in the world. It was a fun exercise and I learned a lot about building Javascript heavy front-end applications. I guess I have a thing for geography, my other favourite domain besides investing.

So there you go. A service that I hope will help someone to find a potential holiday or living destination based on climate preferences.