Engineering Inside

The Art of Software Engineering

Project risk analyser prototype software

An introduction to project risk analyser, prediction and risk management software.

Länsimetro: A case of engineering project risk management

An extension of metro line from Helsinki to Espoo was opened in 2017. This is a risk management case study of the Länsimetro project based on public information.

Purism Librem: Laptop for privacy conscious users

Powerful work laptop without closed source binary blobs and privacy focused hardware

Jolla Sailfish X

Jolla's Sailfish OS operating system running on Sony Xperia X is a smooth experience

Cryptocurrencies driving the decentralized applications revolution

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing decentralized value transfer and creation

IRC - An example of the power of open decentralized protocol

Why IRC still soldiers on?

Risk management in software projects, part 3: Collaboration and trust

What can we learn from alliance models used in construction industry?

Flux implementations for AngularJS and Backbone.js

How to give feedback at work or in a relationship - Your city destination wizard

What good is functional programming for, anyway?

End-to-end email encryption by ProtonMail

Random tech ramblings, part I

Encryption isn't cracked, it's bypassed

Risk management in software projects, part 2

Risk management in software projects, part 1

Convert Wordpress site to static HTML

Symfony2 benchmarking

Using command pattern with domain model

Finnish engineering success story: Nokia